I’m Marianna Selmeci, creator and designer of Marie Anne Design.

Nature and creativity have always been playing prominent roles in my life ever since I was a child. As for my occupation, I am an environmetal engineer, currently conducting PhD research. However, the will to create has continuously been gaining more and more importance in my life and it manifests in the form of designing unique handbags. I have never learned how to do so, I just picked it up while watching my mother work – then, as time has passed, it became a passion of mine.

I started working with leather in 2012, preparing smaller bags for me and my friends. My first consciously planned and produced collection was Pretty Chick in 2014. I have collaborated with several fashion brands ever since (e.g.: Marie Anne Design x Chloe from the Woods, Marie Anne Design x Inventino) and have created multiple collections as well (i.e.: Into the Wild, Back to the Nature). The latest collection called Queen of the Night has truly managed to capture the essence of what Marie Anne Design wishes to represent.

My goal is to build a brand which operates with limited capacities, thus exudes uniqueness, as I am personally designing and assembling each item. I’d like to make it affordable for ‘ordinary’ women to own exclusive, designer products.

It is Marie Anne Design’s priority to make it possible for women to find the perfect accessory that emphasizes their personality while completing their outfit – so don’t be shy to consult with me about custom designs. :)

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